Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (ACEG) has sponsored and hosted a series of nine regional transmission webinars, in which you can participate retroactively at the here. Each of these followed an earlier day-long summit conference held in that region.  We have further regions in mind where we plan the same in-depth review of the state of the electric transmission grid, its stakeholders, needs, and challenges, and will add those regions to our ongoing update webinars, so stay tuned for upcoming announcements, and plan to join us either in person or on line.   

There are, however, numerous issues that arise nationally across the regions, and can be productively addressed as a means of advancing toward a U.S. clean energy grid that is integrated, affordable, reliable, smart and achievable, among other attributes. Underlying each one of the issues is the necessity of having an educated public and private sector able to discuss and act on them. ACEG is therefore undertaking a deeper dive on the substance of the issues–from all perspectives–with a new series of topical transmission webinars.

Find a list of recent webinars below:

October 9, 2018: New Study Presents a Plan for a Low Cost and Clean Grid: A Discussion of the Seams Study with Transmission Leaders

March 27, 2018: Transmission Needed to Meet Corporate America’s Growing Demand for Renewable Power

December 13, 2017: Transmission: The Key to a Cheaper, Smarter, Cleaner Electricity Grid

Recordings are available at the links.