ACEG’s Expert Advisory Council was established to provide an independent source of expertise concerning transmission. We rely on their input to help us maintain our confidence that the positions we take, the statements we make, and the policies we advocate are aligned with the facts and technical realities related to the high-voltage grid, including economic and political realities.

Current members include:

Paul A. Centolella
Paul Centolella & Associates LLC

William F. Hederman
Senior Fellow
Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. William W. Hogan
Raymond Plank Professor of Global Energy Policy
John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Dr. Lynne Kiesling
Associate Director
Purdue University Research Center in Economics

Dr. Carl Linvill
Regulatory Assistance Project

Cheryl Roberto
Partner, Utility Transformation & Regulation
Twenty First Century Utilities, LLC

Alison Silverstein
Alison Silverstein Consulting