A recent study, detailed in this article by Jack Smith of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, shows how new transmission lines from wind farms in West Texas to the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area would “enable a huge expansion of the state’s wind-power industry, lower electric bills, generate jobs, reduce emissions and conserve water.”

The study was conducted by the Perryman Group, and is available for download here.  It states that the average Texan would save between $160 and $355 once the new high-voltage transmission lines were built.

Titled “Winds of Prosperity,” the study concludes that “construction and development of the new transmission facilities as well as anticipated wind turbine development is estimated to lead to gains in business activity in the state totaling $30.6 billion in output (gross product) and 383,972 person-years of employment.”

Click here to read the article from the Star-Telegram.

Click here to read the full report from the Perryman Group.

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