“And what we have to do is focus on the transmission of energy across the country from areas relating to solar and wind. The reason is that they have not, that has not been mastered yet.”

“Much more attention needs to be paid to the expansion of transmission networks to support the economic deployment and use of wind and solar resources. An efficient transmission network infrastructure transition requires reforms to current transmission planning, permitting, and financial arrangements that overcome traditional boundaries between transmission networks. Transmission investment has focused historically on reliability

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“Substantial investment in new transmission capacity will be needed to allow wind and solar generators to develop projects where the most attractive natural wind and solar resources are located. Barriers to expanding the needed inter-regional and internetwork transmission capacity are being addressed either too slowly or not at all.”

“There is a strong demand for renewables and emission-free resources, and those resources are going to significantly drive the need for transmission planning and development throughout New York State, and I expect that that’s true throughout a lot of regions of the U.S., given all of the different policy goals and general demand from consumers

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“It’s clear to me that we need to move toward a grid of the future that is reliable and flexible enough to withstand our rapidly changing energy landscape.”

“It may not be possible or cost effective to design the grid to withstand every single type of extreme event that might occur. Striking the right balance for consumers is undoubtedly a complex undertaking, but I believe it is more reasonable for us to consider additional transmission investments as an insurance policy to help reduce

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“Everyone knows that we need additional transmission to ensure that the clean energy transition takes places as cost-effectively and reliably as possible”

“It is time for us to develop a national transmission plan.”