Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (ACEG) has been engaged since 2008 in building broad-based awareness of the need to expand, integrate and modernize America’s high-voltage transmission system. The goals of Americans for a Clean Energy Grid are:

  • Providing market access for rich resources of clean energy currently remote from the grid;
  • Integrating the grid to ensure reliability, improve availability of variable resources, and promote competitive energy markets;
  • Encouraging and implementing advanced technologies for the high-voltage system;
  • Strengthening national security as electric energy becomes ever more essential; and
  • Providing vital backbone support for the ongoing diversification, distribution, and digital management of electricity sources and uses at the customer end of the system.

ACEG works with utilities, environmental advocates, transmission owners and developers, renewable energy companies, technology manufacturers, labor unions, and public-interest groups, uniting this highly diverse coalition in educating the public and public policy makers about the importance and feasibility of these objectives.

ACEG Board of Directors

The ACEG Board of Directors is made up of experts representing the highly diverse nature of the ACEG coalition, who work on a wide range of energy policy issues but all agree that a modernized, expanded, high-voltage grid is the key pathway to a clean energy future.

Dr. Jennifer Chen
Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

David Gardiner
David Gardiner and Associates

Rob Gramlich
Grid Strategies LLC

Bill White
CTC Global

James J. Hoecker

Patrick Hughes
National Electrical Manufacturers Association

John Jimison
Americans for a Clean Energy Grid

Nina Plaushin
ITC Holdings Corp.

Anne Vogel
American Electric Power