How to Use the Library

One of the key functions of the National Clean Energy Transmission website is to provide a user-friendly library of reports, analyses, videos, and articles covering a wide variety of transmission topics.  We’ve built in a number of ways to make your searches quicker and easier.

Search Field – If you are looking for a key word from the title or a specific author, you can type it in the Search Field and see the results in real-time in the library.

Categories – Each library entry is tagged with one or more categories (legislation, planning, siting etc).  By clicking in one of the category boxes, you can instantly narrow the library to just the items that have that tag.  You can further narrow your search by clicking more than one category box.  This will bring up only those articles with all of the clicked categories.  As the library grows, we anticipate adding new categories.

Other – You can also search by publication date or by file type.

We hope that you find the library useful and easy to navigate.  Of course, please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

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