Welcome to the new website for the National Clean Energy Transmission Initiative.  We are a diverse coalition of environmental organizations, labor unions, renewable energy developers and advocates, and utilities – more than 50 groups dedicated to unlocking our country’s cheap, abundant renewable power.  This site will help us meet a couple of goals.

First, the site will help you keep on top of the latest news and analysis from the world of clean energy transmission.  It seems like every day there are a few new analyses, reports, presentations, or rulings involving electric transmission and the smart grid.  The NCETI site will help by gathering that information in one convenient location giving you the insight and perspective of our team on each item – both in our blog and in abstracts attached to each document.   The NCETI site will also have brief overviews of key issues for those folks who are new to transmission and the smart grid.

NCETI is more than an information depot, though.  Over the next year, our coalition will be organizing events around the country.  Stay tuned to the site to get updates on events and activities near you.  You can receive updates too – just click here to sign up.

We hope you find the site interesting and engaging.  Please feel free to leave us a comment to let us know what you think.

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