Americans for a Clean Energy Grid presents a new interactive web series, “Transmission Time,” to explore the many benefits of an expanded and integrated national grid and discuss the challenges that transmission is currently facing.

In the first installment on September 10, 2020 from 3:30-4:30 pm ET, “What’s Next for Transmission? Success Stories and Lessons Learned, ” ACEG Executive Director Rob Gramlich and MISO VP of System Planning and Chief Compliance Officer Jennifer Curran where they talked about large scale transmission in the Midwest and its role in enabling the next rounds of investment in clean energy.

Jennifer Curran, Vice President of System Planning and Chief Compliance Officer at the The Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc., described the successes achieved by MISO’s Multi-Value Projects over the last decade, and its new Long Range Planning effort. Jennifer oversees a broad array of functions including the company’s transmission and resource planning efforts, strategic and business planning for system operations and infrastructure planning, as well as the company’s work to comply with state and federal electricity standards. Many people recognize the importance of transmission but seldom are they aware of how doable it is, if the right regional agreements are in place. MISO has been working with stakeholders, Governors, and other policymakers to assemble plans that work for the region. Jennifer described discussions on future plans and other regional and national efforts.

Guest Appearance Include:

  • John Moore, Director of the Sustainable FERC Project and the Climate and Clean Energy Program at Natural Resource Defense Council
  • Nora Brownell, Former FERC Commissioner and Co-founder of Espy Energy Solutions, LLC
  • Will Kaul, Consultant at Fresh Energy and Director of Energy Systems Integration Group
  • Ric O’Connell, Director of
  • Beth Soholt, Director of Clean Grid Alliance

Download Slides Here

To listen to the event on SoundCloud, visit here.

To watch a full recording of the event, visit here.


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