David Gardiner is the Principal and President of David Gardiner and Associates (DGA). He has more than 35 years of experience analyzing and shaping successful domestic and global clean energy and sustainability strategies in both the public and private sectors. As principal of DGA, he provides high-level strategic guidance to the corporate executives and non-profit leaders with whom the firm works. Among his principal areas of expertise are renewable energy, energy efficiency, thermal energy, clean air policy, sustainable transportation, and forest and land issues. David uses this knowledge, coupled with his strong ability to make sense of complicated issues, to help clients develop informed, thoughtful strategies to maximize bottom line impact.

Prior to founding DGA, David served as the Executive Director of the White House Climate Change Task Force during the Clinton Administration, where he participated in development of domestic policy and in international climate negotiations. As EPA’s Assistant Administrator for Policy, David led EPA’s climate change efforts, as well as programs to reinvent EPA’s approaches to key sectors such as transportation, agriculture, metal finishing and real estate development. Prior to joining the Clinton administration, David was Legislative Director for the Sierra Club in Washington, D.C. David has a Bachelor of Arts with honors from Harvard College.