New England Wind

New England Clean Energy Transmission Summit

January 23, 2012


The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
600 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts


Click on the archived videos below to watch clean energy industry experts, environmental advocates, business leaders, and policymakers discuss the benefits of, and barriers to, renewable energy and a clean energy grid in New England and the Northeastern United States.

FERC Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur: “Federal Transmission Update: A New England Perspective”


Modernizing America’s Grid: What Does it Mean for New England?

  • Moderator: Bill White, Americans for a Clean Energy Grid
  • Beth Soholt, Wind on the Wires (Presentation)
  • Bob Anderson, Western Grid Group (Presentation)
  • Heather Hunt, New England States Committee on Electricity (Presentation)



Getting it Done: How Can Better Planning Deliver the Grid We Need?

  • Moderator: Allison Clements, Sustainable FERC Project
  • Hannes Pfeifenberger, The Brattle Group (Presentation)
  • Derek Murrow, Environment Northeast (Presentation)
  • Cynthia Arcate, Power Options (Presentation)
  • Jay Caspary, Southwest Power Pool (Presentation)


Congressman Ed Markey: Keynote Address


Economic Opportunity of a Clean Energy Grid: It’s Not Just Cape Wind

  • Moderator: Janet Gail Besser, New England Clean Energy Council
  • Tom Zarrella, SustainX Energy Storage Solutions
  • Tim Healy, EnerNOC (Presentation)
  • Leo Casey, Satcon (Presentation)
  • Ed Krapels, Anbaric Transmission (Presentation)


The Benefits of a Modern Grid: Meeting Environmental Goals, Strengthening Our Economy, Enhancing National Security

  • Moderator: Seth Kaplan, Conservation Law Foundation
  • Bill McKibben, (Special Video Address)
  • Steven Clarke, Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (Presentation)
  • Willard R. Burns, Burns Law Firm, LLC (Presentation)
  • John G. Kassakian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Presentation)