Rocky Mountain Clean Energy Transmission Summit

Rocky Mountain Clean Energy Transmission Summit

January 9, 2013

History Colorado Center
Denver, Colorado 80203


Event Agenda

List of Registrants

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Transmission is the backbone of our electric system and the foundation for the Rocky Mountain region’s economic growth and environmental sustainability. Expanding and upgrading the electric transmission network will create jobs, strengthen the economy, spur the development and use of clean and renewable energy sources, and ensure a secure and modern power system. The Rocky Mountain Clean Energy Transmission Summit, to be held on January 9, 2013, in Denver, Colorado, will feature a series of panel discussions with clean energy and transmission industry representatives, academic leaders, policymakers, as well as keynote addresses from the leading experts of the United States.

Slides from Brian Parsons (PDF)

Slides from Doug Larson (PDF)
Slides from Bill Midcap (PDF)
Slides from Stephen Beuning(PDF)

Slides from Bill Levis (PDF)
Slides from Pam Eaton (PDF)
Slides from Gary Graham (PDF)

Slides from Loyd Drain (PDF)

Slides from John Covert (PDF)
Slides from Kent Singer (PDF)
Slides from Ron Lehr (PDF)