Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (ACEG) and our partners periodically host webinars, conferences, roundtables, and meetings covering the wide variety of issues surrounding electric transmission. To stay receive notices about upcoming events, join our mailing list.

Webinar Series

ACEG regularly hosts webinars on various subjects related to transmission. You can watch our most recent webinars at the links below:

Additionally, ACEG has sponsored and hosted a series of nine regional transmission webinars, in which you can participate retroactively here. Each of these followed an earlier day-long summit conference held in that region.

Transmission Strategy Sessions

ACEG routinely hosts stakeholder strategy sessions that bring together key transmission players from the business, labor, environmental, and other non-profit communities to identify the policy and regulatory barriers to grid enhancement, as well as to compare strategies to advance transmission grid expansion, integration, and modernization. If you’re interested in participating in future strategy sessions, contact


ACEG has previously hosted a National Transmission Infrastructure Summit and a series of regional conferences since 2010. Details on all those events are available here.