Big companies are increasingly signing deals to buy wind and solar power, and their large and growing demand may exceed the capacity of existing and planned transmission lines—yet transmission planners aren’t taking this into account as they draw up their future plans, according to a new study from Wind Energy Foundation. On March 27th at 12 p.m. ET, Americans for a Clean Energy Grid discussed the implications of this study for transmission planning with a diverse array of panelists.

Stefani Millie Grant, Senior Manager, External Affairs and Sustainability at Unilever, Eli Massey, Senior Advisor at the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), and David Gardiner, President at David Gardiner and Associates joined moderator John Jimison, Executive Director of Americans for a Clean Energy Grid to explore the large customer and real-world system operator’s perspective on expanding and upgrading transmission to increase corporate access to renewable energy.

Americans for a Clean Energy Grid is a diverse coalition of business and environmental leaders supporting efforts to expand, integrate and modernize America’s high-voltage transmission system.

You can watch the webinar below, download a PDF copy of the slides here, and access the full transcript here.