RSVP: Clean Energy Transmission Summit

This event brings together key Federal officials from the Administration and Congress, their state counterparts, clean energy industry leaders and the environmental community and energy consumers to forge clean energy solutions that benefit our economy and our environment drawing on the full range of options from renewable energy to transmission infrastructure to demand side solutions like energy efficiency.

EPA Accelerates Progress toward a Clean Energy Grid

The EPA bid farewell to 2011 by permanently closing a long chapter in the history of our nation’s electric grid and opening a new one. The agency’s new rules restricting mercury and other toxic emissions will shutter some of our nation’s oldest, dirtiest, and wasteful coal and oil-fired power plants and move us toward a cleaner, safer and smarter electricity system.

Sen. Tom Harkin and Renewable Energy Experts Discuss Clean Transmission in Des Moines

On Thursday, October 21, the National Clean Energy Transmission Initiative (NCETI) hosted its second major forum on clean energy transmission in Des Moines, Iowa. Co-hosted with the Iowa Environmental Council, ITC Holdings, Wind on the Wires, the American Wind Energy Association, Fresh Energy, and the Environmental Law and Policy Center, the forum brought together state

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