Report Release: The Potential Rate Effects of Wind Energy and Transmission in the Midwest ISO Region

Please join us for a report release and panel discussion on Tuesday, May 22nd. Because wind energy has a zero “fuel” cost, wind power can place significant downward pressure on wholesale electricity prices. A new study by Synapse Energy Economics looks at the power market in the Midwest (MISO) and found that the more wind you add to the grid, the lower wholesale prices dip, and the more consumers save.

ACEG Team to Participate in Arizona Solar Summit

Americans for a Clean Energy Grid is headed to Arizona later this month for the 2012 Arizona Solar Summit. Hosted by the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, the Phoenix event will convene CEOs from the renewable energy and clean tech industries, state public utilities commissioners, and transmission experts and developers March 26 and 27 to discuss the legal and policy structures necessary to make the state a “solar hub” for the region.

RSVP: Clean Energy Transmission Summit

This event brings together key Federal officials from the Administration and Congress, their state counterparts, clean energy industry leaders and the environmental community and energy consumers to forge clean energy solutions that benefit our economy and our environment drawing on the full range of options from renewable energy to transmission infrastructure to demand side solutions like energy efficiency.