Webinar: Experts Discuss Opportunities for Transmission in a Stimulus Plan

With national policy discussions taking place about stimulating the economy through infrastructure investment, transmission is getting some welcome attention. After the COVID-19 health emergency is under control, getting the economy moving will be a high priority. Transmission not only puts people to work directly, but major lines also enable job-creating generation projects to move forward

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The Southeast Clean Energy Transmission Summit: Bringing the Fight to The Volunteer State

For its latest event, Americans for a Clean Energy grid brought the battle for a domestic clean energy build-out into contentious territory: coal country. ACEG hosted the Southeast Clean Energy Transmission Summit in Nashville, Tennessee on November 14th along with co-hosts Vanderbilt University, Clean Line Energy, ITC Holdings, and WIRES—each of whom supplied a panelist

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Mayor Karl Dean Joins Expert Lineup for Southeast Clean Energy Transmission Summit, Nov. 14

We are pleased to announce the participation of Nashville Mayor Karl Dean at the Southeast Clean Energy Transmission Summit next week. Mayor Dean will be part of a panel discussion on the role electric vehicles have to play with respect to the grid in the Southeast. Mayor Dean’s enthusiasm for clean energy and participation in the panel underlines the broad interest in the clean energy sector throughout the region.

5 Reasons You Can’t Miss the Southeast Clean Energy Transmission Summit on Nov. 14th in Nashville

The Southeast Clean Energy Transmission Summit to take place in Nashville Nov 14: Five reasons you can’t miss it In the wake of a presidential election, a quickly changing regional energy landscape, and clean energy and transmission issues requiring major decisions in the near future, the Southeast Clean Energy Summit will convene leaders to discuss

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Transmission is Key to a Diversified Energy Portfolio

What if we could move, or share, the wind energy generated in one part of the country to match the needs in another other part of the country? If we could do that, then we could achieve a more consistent energy output from our nation’s wind resources and solve many of the challenges associated with integrating wind energy into the grid.