On December 19, 1999, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission enacted Order No. 2000, which encouraged the formation of Regional Transmission Organizations, under the leadership of then Chairman James Hoecker. In a December Op-Ed in Utility Dive, former Chair Hoecker, an ACEG Director, said that, “Order No. 2000, or ‘O2K,’ has long since exceeded our modest expectations in producing economic, reliability, and (I maintain) environmental benefits for electricity consumers.”

Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (ACEG) celebrated the 20th anniversary and will host a webinar on Tuesday, January 21 from 12-1 pm ET featuring former Chairs of FERC to reflect on the role of Order 2000, as well as other rulemakings in that were key in the evolution of regionalization such as 890 and 1000. Speakers include:

  • James J. Hoecker, FERC Chairman 1997-2001, ACEG Director
  • Patrick H. Wood III, FERC Chairman 2001-2005
  • Jon Wellinghoff, FERC Chairman 2009-2013
  • Cheryl A. LaFleur, FERC Chairman 2014-15

Rob Gramlich, ACEG Director, will moderate the webinar.

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