The Southeast Clean Energy Transmission Summit to take place in Nashville Nov 14:
Five reasons you can’t miss it

In the wake of a presidential election, a quickly changing regional energy landscape, and clean energy and transmission issues requiring major decisions in the near future, the Southeast Clean Energy Summit will convene leaders to discuss the current status of transmission planning in the Southeast, what decisions need to be made, and what our energy future has in store.

There has never been a more pressing time to address our nation’s grid transmission needs, particularly in the Southeast:

Expansion and modernization of the high-voltage transmission network is urgent, particularly in the Southeast.

Renewable technology in Tennessee has enormous potential and transmission is critical to its deployment. The Tennessee Valley Authority partners with wind farms outside its jurisdiction, since importing renewable electricity is cheaper than developing local resources. Imports aren’t possible without savvy transmission planning.

Developing the transmission grid in Tennessee means new economic opportunities. Increased demand for electric infrastructure and renewable technologies will infuse the state with manufacturing and other economic opportunities, paving the way for new jobs.

Transmission has implications for greenhouse gas emissions reductions – a more strategically planned grid can harness the bounty of renewable energy available in the region and have a huge impact on our environment.

• Top experts will be discussing the newest developments in transmission planning and technology. Industry leaders, national regulators, local elected officials, and clean energy advocates (full agenda below) will discuss what the future holds for meeting electricity demand in the Southeast.

Our speakers will help the audience – ranging from industry employees to local media outlets to environmental advocates and the general public – navigate the interconnected, “wiry” world of transmission. These experts will include FERC Commissioner John R. Norris, Americans for a Clean Energy Grid Managing Director John Jimison, Clean Line Energy Partners’ Executive Vice President Jimmy Glotfelty, The WIRES Group Senior Counsel Jim Hoecker, Southern Company’s John Lucas, Duke Energy’s Senior Vice President Phil Grigsby, Southern Environmental Law Center’s Jill Tauber, Global WIND Network’s Ed Weston, Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Joe Garcia, and others.

An abridged agenda can be found below, or visit the event page for a full agenda and additional event information, or you can click this link to RSVP.

8:15am – light breakfast
8:45am – welcome and introductions
9:00am – Panel I: Post election perspectives on clean energy, transmission, federal policy, and
their impacts on the Southeast
10:00am – Panel II: The energy internet: planning and building the clean energy grid
11:15am – Panel III: The Southeast’s changing energy mix: how clean energy transmission can
make electricity cheaper and more reliable
12:30pm – Lunch and keynote speech by FERC commissioner, John Norris
1:45pm – Panel IV: Much more than wires: how a robust and modern grid plays to the
Southeast’s manufacturing strengths and favorable business climate
3:15pm – Panel V: Electric vehicles and the greening of our grid
4:30 – Concluding remarks

Hope to see you there!

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