With the election less than a week away and with a post-Sandy public focused on the importance of a modern, safe and stable electric grid, there has never been a better time to convene experts from across the nation to discuss the future of energy in the Southeast.

As the November 14th Nashville based Southeast Clean Energy Summit approaches, our list of speakers keeps growing. In the past few days, we’ve had three exciting new additions:

  • Terry Boston is the President and CEO of PJM Interconnection, which coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in 13 states and DC. He is returning to Tennessee where he served for 35 years at TVA, most recently serving as TVA’s Executive Vice President. Mr. Boston will be a keynote speaker.

  • Bradley Smith runs 4R for Nissan, a department which is in the business of re-using electric vehicle batteries and will offer a unique perspective on why a modern grid is critical for the success of electric vehicles.

  • David Till coordinates inter-regional transmission for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Through his work for the local utility, he’ll be able to provide unique insight into the Southeast’s energy future.

These three speakers join a host of others

in discussing the future of energy and the importance of a modern grid.

We hope you’ll join us as this important event.

RSVP here.

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