We strongly support FERC’s proposal to improve the way the electric power grid is developed, planned, and paid for. Americans need a robust, modern grid to lower electricity prices and open up access to abundant yet largely untapped domestic clean energy resources; FERC’s rule could be a big step toward achieving those goals.

FERC’s plan supports what is starting to happen in regions throughout the country – the evolution of our energy grid away from an old, outdated system. It allows for smarter, more efficient planning and construction of vital transmission lines that will bring cheaper electricity to American communities.

Particularly for the renewable energy industry – and the workers it represents – this update to FERC’s guidelines could be a game-changer. The U.S. has vast renewable energy potential, but we need the transmission lines to connect those sources to the cities and towns that use the electricity. Developing that clean electricity supply can provide desperately needed jobs and economic vitality to regions around the country.

More information on FERC Order No. 1000:

Reid Detchon is the Executive Director of the Energy Future Coalition and Americans for a Clean Energy Grid

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