In many ways, the Mountain West is a bellwether for the nation when it comes to renewable energy. Massive regional potential shapes critical energy discussions that could translate into more local energy and a more sustainable future. Yet, there are roadblocks to the widespread acceptance of clean energy, and one of the biggest is a lack of high quality transmission.

Without a modern grid to transport clean energy, often generated far from developed areas, to the urban centers that need it the most, resources like wind and solar will never reach their full potential. We need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to energy infrastructure in order to ensure a high quality energy future for the Mountain West, and for the nation.

That’s why we’re hosting the Rocky Mountain Clean Energy Transmission Summit on Wednesday, January 9th, at the History Colorado Center. Leaders from across the energy spectrum—from businesses to regulatory bodies, from government to media—will convene to discuss these critical issues, shedding light on the problems we face, the solutions at hand, and our energy future. The event will feature such speakers as FERC Commissioner Phil Moeller, Congresswoman Diana DeGette, and former Governor Bill Ritter. There is no cost to register, and breakfast & lunch are on us.

We hope you can join us, click here to learn more or to RSVP. See you there!

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