This month, two new studies were released detailing the benefits of new transmission lines in the Midwest. Gary Wolfram and Patrick Anderson both released reports touting the benefits of investing in the Midwest’s energy infrastructure in “A Brief Analysis of the Effects of Multi-Value Projects in the Midwest ISO,” and “Michigan Unplugged? The Case for Shared Investment in Regional Transmission Projects,” respectively.

Wolfram writes, “Michigan’s economy will benefit from improving the transmission facilities throughout the Midwest region. The benefits of improved transmission are access to lower cost energy, increased reliability and reduced congestion. This alone will attract and maintain business activity in Michigan. It is not possible to place a manufacturing facility, for instance, in a location where the grid is not large enough to support the additional electric needs of the facility or not reliable enough to ensure that the manufacturing process will not be interrupted.”

“Expanding the grid allows greater access to low-cost energy supplies,” Anderson writes. “Michigan, with high electricity prices and an economy built on large industrial users of electricity, stands to benefit greatly from this.”

Click on the links below to read these reports in full:

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