While needed repairs to the nation’s transportation infrastructure – highways and roads – receive most of the media’s attention, our nation’s transmission grid continues to age. To discuss the importance of modernizing the nation’s transmission infrastructure and meet growing demand, ITC Holdings CEO Joseph Welch recently sat down for an interview with Bill Loveless, of Platts Energy Week.

The transmission grid in the United States needs to be built up “to be more regional like an interstate highway system versus a local state highway system,” to meet growing energy demands most effectively, said Welch.

He likened our current transmission grid to the pre- interstate highway system, saying, “There weren’t many highways that went from state to state on a contiguous basis that could travel freely. We need the same thing in the high voltage electric business.”

“The high voltage transmission grid in the United States is fragmented. It’s not complete. It doesn’t serve all customers on an equal basis, and as a result of that, our country is suffering from a lack of liquidity in the electric energy business such that not everybody has access to equal amounts of power at the same price,” said Welch.

Watch the full interview on the Platts Energy Week website.

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