Last week’s Ohio Clean Energy Transmission Conference provided a forum for national and regional experts to discuss how the world’s largest competitive electricity market – the PJM Interconnection –– would benefit from more renewable energy and a modernized transmission grid.

Conference attendees were addressed by Todd Snitchler, Chairman, Public Utility Commission of Ohio, during the lunch session when he delivered a keynote speech on recent legislation in Ohio, the importance of efficient and reliable transmission for Ohio and the regional power market, and the impact of renewables for the state.

“I think it’s important for us to look at what the impact is for renewables here in Ohio. Ohio ranks fourth among states in retail electric sales and we’re sixth in generation. That being said, we still import 10 percent of our power in the state of Ohio. One of the things I would like to see is for us to have additional generation capability right here in Ohio so that we could be a net exporter like our friends next door in Pennsylvania.” Snitchler said.

Watch Chairman Snitchler’s presentation here.

Video of conference opening remarks from PJM’s Craig Glazer, ACEG’s John Jimison, and FERC’s Andrea Spring are available. Additionally, videos of each of panel from the Ohio Clean Energy Transmission Conference are now available below. Please click on the panel title to view the video.

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