The Ohio Clean Energy Transmission Conference kicks off in Columbus, Ohio, this morning, where national and regional experts will convene for a daylong discussion on how the PJM Interconnection – the world’s largest competitive electricity market – would benefit from more renewable energy and a modernized transmission grid. Convened by Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (ACEG), the packed event agenda promises to deliver smart discussions and new perspectives on the region’s energy future.

“Ohio sits at the center of the evolution of our electricity system – an evolution that holds terrific opportunities for businesses in the state. Many of the game-changing trends seen throughout the electricity industry are playing out within the region, including the introduction of large amounts of natural gas, the retirement of coal plants, and the ever changing demands and reliability needs of the electric grid. We are excited to be here in Ohio with a diverse group of experts to discuss the importance of a reliable, efficient, modern grid for Ohio and the PJM region,” said Americans for Clean Energy Grid Managing Director, John Jimison.

ACEG’s John Jimison and Bill White will be joined by industry experts, business leaders, and advocates to discuss the drivers of electricity prices, the role of transmission in developing new energy resources, federal rules related to transmission, and the economic opportunities the Buckeye State can harness through smart energy policies. Speakers include:

  •  Todd A. Snitchler, Ohio Public Utilities Commission Chairman
  • Andrea Spring, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
  • Ramteen Sioshansi, Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University
  • Frank Felder, Director, Center for Energy, Economic & Environmental Policy, Rutgers University
  • Bob Bradish, Vice President, Transmission Grid Development, American Electric Power (AEP)
  • Melissa Seymour, Iberdrola Renewables, Inc.
  • Paul McGlynn, Manager, PJM Interconnection
  • Ellen Vancko, Nuclear Energy & Climate Change Project Manager, Union of Concerned Scientists

The full event will be webcast at

The Ohio Clean Energy Transmission Conference will take place at the U.S. Bank Conference Theater in the Ohio Union, located on The Ohio State University’s campus.

Follow @cleanenergygrid for event updates or join the conversation by using the Twitter hashtag #PJMSummit.

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