The text of the Moving Forward Act was released this week and includes provisions that would modernize and expand our energy infrastructure for a clean energy future. Of particular note, the Moving Forward Act includes a provision that would require the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to initiate a rulemaking to increase the effectiveness of the interregional transmission planning process.

Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (ACEG) Executive Director, Rob Gramlich stated that, “ACEG is pleased to see an interregional planning requirement in the recent Moving Forward Act. Interregional planning enables grid expansion between electrical regions, which is needed to support reliability, resilience, and clean energy resource development. FERC attempted to address interregional planning in Order No. 1000 issued in 2011 but that effort has failed to achieve its objectives. More recently, grid operators around the country emphasized to FERC the critical role that interregional transmission capacity has played and will continue to play in providing resilience against high impact events such as severe weather, as we summarized in our comments to FERC. It is time for the Commission to review and fix interregional planning approaches. We appreciate any encouragement or requirement from Congress to the Commission to do so. We therefore support including this provision in any stand-alone or larger piece of legislation such as this bill.”

For more information about the Moving Forward Act, see the press release from the House Democrats and the bill text.