ACEG submitted initial comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in response to the Notice of Inquiry into transmission incentives.

Our comments identify a few key areas within the Commission’s regulatory jurisdiction that could lead to better results for the transmission grid. At a high level, ACEG urged the Commission to take a broad view of transmission incentives, recognizing that virtually any action or inaction on its part creates incentives and disincentives for transmission investment. Specifically, ACEG urged the Commission to:

  • Fully account for all the benefits of transmission investment to include resilience, ability to serve demand for sustainable energy, ability to meet public policy requirements, and other benefits, as outlined in the WIRES-Brattle Group report;
  • Require interregional planning to ensure delivery of low-cost resources from remote regions, such as wind and solar, to load centers and to adopt a simplified combined regulatory process as a “one-stop shop” for interregional or multi-regional transmission project proposals; and
  • Adopt policies to encourage implementation of low-cost, high-benefit new transmission technologies on existing systems which can increase the grid’s efficiency and reduce its footprint, as recommended by the WATT Coalition.

ACEG also proposed ideas for policy revision in the long term. The full comments are available here for anyone who wishes to read more.