In an op-ed article recently published in The Wichita Eagle, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback highlighted the role of the Kansas wind industry in boosting the economy of America’s Heartland — both in creating jobs and lowering electric bills for consumers. According to the Governor:

Experience has taught us that investment in the renewable-energy economy is creating jobs across all employment sectors, including construction, engineering, operations, technology and professional services, in both rural and urban communities. Greater use of renewable energy also will allow the country to prolong its current power-generation resources while developing new generation technologies to ensure a secure and homegrown supply of energy.

In Kansas and the lower Midwest, our local utilities have designed and are constructing an electric transmission system that ensures greater reliability for our residents, offers access to competitively priced power, and dramatically increases our ability to move renewable energy across the country.

The time has come for us to export clean, reliable and affordable wind energy to the nation.

To read the article in its entirety, click here.

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