Industry leaders have expressed a variety of opinions regarding the size of various clean energy projects that should drive development of this market. However, Seth Kaplan, VP for Policy and Climate Advocacy at the Conservation Law Foundation, asserts that we need to create both a vast network of distributed solar on millions of rooftops as well as smart development of large solar. Additionally a wide array of technologies will be needed to address global warming for all buildings types, sidewalks to allow safe travel on foot, shareable bicycles, renewable energy powered electric cars, trains that connect cities and neighborhoods, and intelligently sited wind farms and solar installations on and off-shore.

In addition to searching for new solutions, we need to recognize the ones that warrant phasing out such as old nuclear power plants that have safety issues and have proven to be expensive. Solar electric generation, on the other hand, holds a lot of potential as the price continues to descend at a steep rate: it creates many new opportunities to deploy solar electric generation on a variety of scales, including large – and sometimes extra large – scale solutions on land as well as small and medium scale solutions on rooftops.

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