It’s All Connected – Regional Transmission Planning in the Southeast

More than two weeks have passed since Hurricane Sandy brought the Eastern Seaboard to a standstill. Although life is slowly returning to normal, Sandy joins a long series of painful reminders of how dependent 21st century America is on reliable electricity: it powers nearly every facet of our lives. The potential silver lining in the wake of Sandy’s devastation is the influx of interest in our outdated and inadequate transmission grid, highlighting long ignored issues from the benefits of buried transmission lines to the importance of an integrated, redundant, resilient grid – built to withstand even Sandy’s fury.

Talking Transmission in Kansas — A Recap of ACEG’s Heartland Conference

The Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (ACEG), in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Project, recently hosted the Heartland Transmission Conference in Hutchinson, Kansas on August 15-17, 2011. Attended by over 150 people, the conference provided a forum for discussing transmission’s important role in enabling the integration of remote renewable energy resources to promote

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